Norco XFR 3

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Norco’s XFR is for those who seek out adventure in the everyday. Fast, comfortable, and stable, the XFR is perfect for commuters who live for shortcuts through the forest, or recreational riders who like to venture beyond the pavement. Its aluminum frame keeps it lightweight, yet holds up to daily use. You get 27 speeds on the XFR to take on hills with confidence, and you know you can rely on the power of hydraulic disc brakes for all-conditions control on the way down. With multi-tread tires that roll fast on a variety of surfaces and a suspension fork that is ready to soak up any bumps encountered along the way, the XFR is a versatile crossover bike that lets you define the path between two points.

Part Numbers

058817230219 721030110116
058817234828 721040110116
058817234866 721050110116
058817234897 721060110116
058817234927 721070110116
058817234934 721030210116
058817234941 721040210116
058817234958 721050210116
058817234965 721060210116
058817235009 721070210116